2021 Grantees

The Ojai Women’s Fund is pleased to announce $85,000 in grants to seven organizations, all possible because of the collective effort and dedication of this year’s 375 OWF members and 45 giving circles. These grants are awarded across the five program areas: Arts, Education, Environment, Health, and Social Services. Now in its sixth year of grant-making, OWF has awarded over half a million in grants to organizations serving the Ojai Valley community.


Performances to Grown On – $15,000


Enrichment Programs – $15,000


Outdoor Adventures with Therapeutic Supports – $10,800


Summer Rowing Camps – $9,200

Social Services

Ojai Enrichment Center – $15,000


Youth Council – $10,000

"There’s something about this organization and its underlying values of equity and fairness that really speak to me. I see it in memberships, in the way also that we do the grants – we really want to make sure that everyone has a chance in an equal manner to participate."

Anna Wagner

"We are inspired by the work of the Ojai Valley nonprofits and delighted that our family can help OWF support their efforts with grants."

Judy Norris

"This group shows you can have many people doing a little, which adds up to a LOT! By funding these programs, we are giving back in huge ways. I am so proud of this group!"

Teresa Smith

Past years grantees


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