Critical Needs in Our Community

May 24, 2024 | 0 comments

Alongside the beauty of the Ojai Valley are many citizens in need of assistance. The Ojai Women’s Fund (OWF) held an educational event on April 11 featuring Megan Telfer and Jayn Walter, the co-executive directors of HELP of Ojai, an OWF grantee.

“The presentations by Megan Telfer and Jayn Walter were impressive. It made me feel so proud to have these bright, articulate young women share and present their caring commitment to HELP of Ojai. We are lucky.” -Carol Garramone.

“We recently identified the two emerging trends that most impact our work: lack of affordable housing and the epidemic of loneliness,” said Megan Telfer. The presentation focused on how affordable housing became a problem in the Ojai Valley and how other communities addressed the issue. Based on their extensive knowledge of the valley residents and Ventura County demographic and economic data, Megan and Jayn provided an eye-opening look at our area’s urgent social service needs.

“This topic became our focus after Jayn and Megan conducted the Unseen Ojai tour for OWF’s Grants Committee last year,” said Jenny Taft, OWF Education and Events co-chair.