Tara Fey, Green Valley Project Program Director at C.R.E.W. Hello world!

Mar 28, 2023 | 0 comments

Most OWF. members have seen the results of C.R.E.W. work — planting trees, removing invasive species, and restoring damaged meadow or forest habitat. What’s not always visible is the difference it makes in people’s lives. Consider the garden they planted in Mesa transitional housing and wellness center for youth 18 to 24 at risk of or experiencing homelessness. It’s more than a garden, it’s a place called home for the first time in a youth’s life. Tara described it, “the teams will get to work with the residents to discuss continuing to grow the garden, and that can be a form of therapy for them. We provide small, meaningful ways for the residents to contribute to our environment.”

When Tara refers to her work, she describes it as her dream job. Finally, she gets to see people’s dreams become a reality. She can do many amazing things for youth by providing environmental career development for young adults. Even if someone might not be able to go to college, they can still work toward the Green Revolution and make small changes over time that result in a better environment for all of us. Tara collaboratively leads her teams. She provides supplies, connections, and some general ideas, but the teams decide on the details of the projects. Thus, the teams learn to make decisions, organize, and implement their work. She sees her job as not only changing the environment but also changing the future for her teams.

There is still time to join Tara in making a difference for the environment.