How Membership Works

Whether you are becoming a member for the first time or renewing your membership, we are thrilled to have you join us!

Becoming a member is easy — make your annual membership contribution and vote on how the funds are distributed.  

For as little as $100, you can join with other women in a Giving Circle Group. Women in the same group can give different amounts, but each individual’s minimum contribution is $100 and a total of $1,000 or more per year per group. The group then has one joint vote for the selection of grantees. If a member wishes to join OWF and is not in a group, OWF will assist in finding a group.  Learn more about how groups are formed.

Women can become Individual Members for a minimum of $1,000, entitling them to vote for grantee selections.

“We are encouraged by the power we have when we all come together in terms of voting, impact, and education. We love to encourage awareness of the impact OWF has on our community.  I was thrilled to feel the impact of OWF’s grant in real life. We are all better for the incredible nonprofits that serve our community.”


Anita Lashkari

“Many members feel heartfelt emotion about their participation in OWF and experience a greater sense of happiness and well-being the more involved they become.”


Carrie Bieber

“Joining OWF opened up Ojai to me, allowing me to meet so many women who I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. Now, instead of just sending in my donation, I’ve become an integral part of it.  Unexpected, indeed! Seriously, I joined OWF and never expected this! I’ve met so many wonderful women–super talented, professional, friendly, and warmly welcoming.”


Gayle Whitaker

“I’ve been a member of many organizations around the world, including donor-advised funds. I’ve never encountered an organizational model like Ojai Women’s Fund. The giving circles are magic!   Not only do they expand our philanthropic potential, but they are participatory, inclusive, approachable, and FUN!”

Pamela Smith

Benefits of Membership

  • Ojai Women’s Fund grants help nonprofits meet critical needs, spur new projects and foster innovation in five key areas: arts, education, environment, health, and social services.
  • Members become better informed about the needs of the community.
  • Opportunities for collaboration on community projects in the five areas.
  • Group members receive information which enables them to make better personal giving decision.
  • Participation in the Ojai Women’s Fund may provide opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  • Ojai Women’s Fund members serve as philanthropic role models to others.
  • Relationships among women from different backgrounds may evolve based on a shared passion to improve the community.

Volunteer and Networking Opportunities

One of the benefits of membership is meeting so many exciting and active women in the Ojai Valley. By volunteering to work on a committee or attending OWF events, women new to the valley or looking to expand their circle of friends can meet other women involved in positive local activities. OWF holds educational events each year, our annual Celebration when we present that year’s grants, and Springfest that are open to all women interested in meeting members and considering membership.

Fund Management

  • All membership contributions are tax deductible.
  • Dollars donated for grants will be distributed in the OWF fiscal calendar year when collected.
  • A small annual percentage is set aside to cover administrative costs.
  • Ojai Women’s Fund operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Santa Barbara Foundation.


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